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Do you want to compare Calgary roofer’s quotes? Calgary City is in Canada’s Alberta province. Roof improvements are significant investments for your home. That means when hiring Calgary roofers, you should know how to look for the best quotes. That enables you to plan your budget and also compare quotes from different Calgary roofers. In this guide, we look at 7 factors that these quotes should spell out.



They Are:


  • The time that Calgary roofers will take to complete your roof upgrading is critical. That’s because roofing work can get affected by extreme weather conditions.
  • You should consider hiring Calgary roofers who specify whether they will complete their job in a week or month. That enables you to get friendlier quotes as compared to those who base their charges on days.

Payment Terms

  • When asking for Calgary roofers estimates, you should check on their payments expected dates. That ensures that they don’t charge you automatically, for example, by giving them your credit card details.
  • You should insist on comparing these quotes with other companies that offer roofing estimates.

Type of Work

  • The Calgary roofers estimates should also specify the kind work that they will do, for example, repair or replacement. Make sure that it covers all the areas that need repair.
  • That ensures that you plan your budget to suit the type of work.

Labor and Material

  • The roofing quote should also be clear on the materials that will get used and the labor charges. That avoids instances of you having to pay extra, for example for the roofer’s assistant.
  • Check the type of material that they will use. That enables you to be sure that they use the best material.


  • You should also check for work warranty. That ensures quality work gets done on your Calgary roof.
  • Check for those that use materials with 3-5 year warranties from their manufacturers. It enables you to lay claims in the case that you disapprove their job.


  • Make sure that the contract indicates that these get a quote. That ensures that you won’t pay for any injuries they sustain while working or damage that they cause to your house or roof.

Lien Release

  • The lien release protects you in the case that Calgary roofers fail to pay their subcontractors or vendors.


Hiring Calgary roofers should be easier using the above guide. The key points to remember are comparing quotes from various companies and checking your budget estimates.…

Local TV Matters Opening Remarks
January 21, 2016

We would also like to thank the Government, and particularly Minister Moore for providing this platform for Canadians to express themselves.  They did.  In record numbers.  And the results were overwhelmingly clear.

Canadians have spoken. They want affordable access to a diversity of Canadian services – including their local television services.

This is the first time our three organizations have sat jointly before this Commission. While we may not agree on all issues, we have common cause regarding the importance of the issues you are considering today and the sense of urgency we all feel regarding those matters.  To that end, our presentation is brief and to the point.

We have divided our presentation into three areas, which we believe go to the heart of the current proceeding:

  1. Affordability;
  2. Accessibility; and
  3. Sustainability.