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Canada’s Local Television Broadcasters Deliver “Consumer First” Solution to the CRTC
February 1, 2016

In a historic joint presentation before the CRTC today, CEOs from CTV, Global and CBC appeared together for the first time and delivered a consumer-first solution that provides affordable, accessible, and sustainable TV services for all Canadians.

“Canadian consumers and TV viewers deserve a choice, and a new affordable bundle of basic TV channels is a start,”. “With a regulated capped rate, Canadians will be protected from fee hikes with a skinny basic bundle of channels, including the local TV channels consumers demand and expect.”

“Canadians watch local television news and programming and they support it; these consultations have made that loud and clear,” said  Ivan Fecan, President and Chief Executive Officer, CTVglobemedia, and Chief Executive Officer of CTV Inc.  “We want to continue to serve Canadian viewers and moving forward with the implementation of a negotiation for value regime now will lay the ground for a level playing field and sustainable future for local TV.”

“Local TV viewers deserve access to the local stations they are already paying for,” said Leonard Asper, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canwest Global Communications Corp.  “Our solution will shift the balance towards the consumer, and ensure that viewers can access the local TV they demand.”

In the formal consultation process leading up to the current hearings being held at the direction of the Government of Canada, more than 130,000 Canadians submitted comments to the CRTC in support of local TV and its right to negotiate with cable and satellite companies.  Canada’s broadcasters continue to be overwhelmed by an outpouring of support from Canadian consumers and TV viewers across the country from coast to coast to coast.