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CTV Presents Pro-Consumer, Made-In-Canada Solution to CRTC for Local Television
January 19, 2016

In its presentation today before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), CTV outlined in detail an easy-to-implement solution to sustain local Canadian television.

“Our plan is reasonable, practical and provides a future for local Canadian television,” said Ivan Fecan, President and Chief Executive Officer, CTVglobemedia, and Chief Executive Officer, CTV Inc. “Signals and programming from our local TV stations deliver value, and Canadian TV viewers and consumers overwhelmingly agree.”

At the centre of the CTV solution is the implementation of a made in Canada retransmission consent regime providing for Negotiation for Value (NFV) between broadcasters and TV distributors for local signals and programming.

“It’s time for TV distributors – not consumers – to compensate us for the value of our local services,” said Mr. Fecan. “We believe this new system will help ensure a viable broadcasting business in Canada benefiting viewers and consumers alike by offering more choice at affordable rates. We look forward to working with the Commission on implementing NFV within 2010.”

At a recent CRTC call for comments on implementing a compensation regime for the value of local television signals, an overwhelming 81% were in support of local TV.  A Nanos poll recently confirmed an overwhelming majority of Canadians, 70%, agree that local TV stations should receive a portion of the amount that customers pay on their monthly bill for cable or satellite TV. Further, 72% agree that the government should force cable companies and broadcasters to negotiate payment for local TV signals.