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Canadians Support Local TV Matters Campaign
January 13, 2016

A Nanos Research study of more than 1,000 Canadians confirms strong support for local television stations securing financial compensation from cable and satellite companies.

An overwhelming majority of Canadians (70% of respondents) support the statement that “local TV stations should receive a portion of the amount that customers pay on their monthly bill for cable or satellite TV.”

Asked if “the government should force the cable companies and broadcasters to negotiate payment for local TV signals”, 72% agreed.  And a clear majority, 57%, agreed that “local TV stations will close if cable companies don’t pay for the local TV signals.”

“Canadians value local TV.  They believe they already pay for it and that the programming they value should be fairly compensated by the TV distributors,” says Nik Nanos, President of Nanos Research. “They are concerned about the loss of their local television stations and believe the government should take action to prevent that from happening.”

“Canadian consumers get it.  They’ve heard both sides of the argument and clearly support our position that cable and satellite companies must sit down and negotiate,” said Paul Sparkes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, CTVglobemedia.  “We want to continue to deliver trusted local news and community programming, and Canadians are overwhelmingly behind us.”

In a media ad blitz launched in September, cable and satellite companies threatened to tax consumers with yet more fee hikes if the government forced them to pay for local TV signals.  An alliance of broadcasters set the record straight, explaining that cable companies pocket the money they charge for local TV, but pay nothing to the channels themselves for the right to carry local TV signals.

The random telephone survey of 1,005 Canadians was conducted from October 10 through October 18, 2009.  The margin of accuracy for a sample of 1,005 is +/- 3.1%, 19 times out of 20.